Announcements from the Secretariat / Diocesan Finance Department (DFD)

Announcement No 1

Parishes are encouraged to make use of application in all their activities in the Parish.

Announcement No 2

Daily Activties are expected to be uploaded as soon as possible. The Application has two Versions. Web and Mobile Versions

Announcement No 3

Once you Upload any data. You have finished your work. It is now easier to write Reports

Announcement No 4

Parishes that are submitting their accounts as when due will be receiving mail or message to remind them

Announcement No 5

You can as well from time to time print your report maybe once in a year, this will enable have a hard copy of the account

Announcement No 6

Presbytery, Parish, Sacred Return, Justice Commission, etc Accounts are all included in this ALL-IN-ONE App.


What the App is MEANT FOR?

Simple Accounting App. This is an App meant to help Priests do their recording by just a click

Parish Account

Writing Parish Account is now very easy and simple. Just enter the amount and your work is done

Sacred Return

Annual Sacred Return record is now as easy as whatever you can think of. Just type the figures and you are done

School Account

School Account is also included to help schools do their report without difficulty.

Hospital Account

Hospital Account is also avaliable to help the Hospitals give account without much difficulties

Send Email

Email or Text Messages can now be sent to parishes for individaul instructions and directives.

Book Appointment

The possiblity of Booking Appointment with the Bishop Online without going to the Office

Know Parishioners

The App helps one to Manage the parishioners. Know all the Parishioners - Home and Abroad

Parish Societies

The App helps one to Manage the Societies in the Parish and their members.

Parish Inventory

The Record of Parish Inventory. One can easily Keep record of all the Properties of the Parish.






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Meet Our Crew Members

These are members of Crew. For further equires please kindly consult any of them. They are always available and ready to respond to your inquiries.

Isife Evaristus

Diocesan Finance Admin(DFA)

Cajetan Kanayo

Diocesan Chancellor

+ Bishop Godfrey I. Onah

Catholic Bishop of Nsukka